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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

lamborghini murcielago 2012

The 2012 Lamborghini Murcielago is expected to have a powerful 7.0 liter, V12 engine providing unmatched power and performance. Power output is expected to be somewhere between 700 and 720 horsepower. Air quality standards that have been tightened in America and Europe will probably result in the engine being direct injection. It will most likely have either a 7-speed manual transmission, or a 7-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission. Stability control is expected to be included in this new model, and the car is expected to be all-wheel-drive. It will probably be able to zoom from 0 to 62 mph in around 3 seconds, and it will probably take around 6 seconds to zip from 0 to 100 mph. Its top speed is expected to be around 225 mph
The 2012 Lamborghini Murcielago will undoubtedly be another two-seater, with an angular, aerodynamic design. Scissor doors are expected, and the vehicle is expected to scream style, speed, and beauty. The tail lights are expected to be changed from the current square design to a more thin rectangular strip. The wheelbase will probably be extended by about three inches, which will give a little more shoulder room to the  drivers. More carbon fiber is expected to be used in the construction, which could make the new vehicle about 200 pounds lighter than the Superveloce Murcielago, which is 220 pounds lighter than the LP640 coupe.

The 2012 Lamborghini Murcielago replacement is expected to be available in 2011. It will probably be priced at around $490,000. The vehicle is expected to be revealed to the public at the 2010 Frankfurt Auto Show, which will take place in September.

lamborghini murcielago 2012

lamborghini murcielago 2012

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