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Sunday, 18 March 2012

toyota mr2 spyder

The MR2 Spyder could technically be called the third generation of the MR2. Named for its Mid-engine layout, Rear drive and 2 seats, MR2 was originally introduced to America in 1985. The idea behind the little car was that it could provide sports car looks and excitement without a high price. In 1988 a supercharger was added to its 1.6-liter engine, and in 1991 the second generation was introduced. The new MR2 was larger and more powerful, especially with the 200-horsepower turbocharged engine. However, sales dwindled in the mid-1990s, and 1995 was the last year for U.S. sales. Five years later, the MR2 was resurrected as the MR2 Spyder. True to its heritage, it is a mid-engined, rear-drive two seater, with the addition of a convertible top.
Earlier editions of MR2 were available with T-top roofs, featured with 1.8L 4 Cylinder engine fixed behind the driver seat and with its low curb weight this was a fun to drive drop top car.
MR2 was firstly introduced in the year 2000 and was available in only one trim level featuring with 15″ wheels, rear glass window, antilock brakes, and CD stereo. With 1.8L engine, it could generate 138 hp of power and 125 pound per feet of torsion, paired to 5 speed auto shifts. In the year 2002, MR2 was available with 5 speed SMT technology (Sequential Manual transmission), which made MR2 one of the cheapest car at that time to be offered with automatic transmission having manual pedal-shifting option on the steering wheel.

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