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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

toyota hilux 2013

Toyota brings a facelift of the Hilux 2013. In addition to the newly hilux 2013 toyota designed front, especially the Interior has been vigorously. The next-generation models of pickup comes from December on the market the new toyota hilux 2013
2013 hilux new face lift for the model  of the Toyota turns out more and to refresh (Toyota Hilux is market leader in Europe) to the all-new eighth generation again the successful pickup. Their appearance is set for the end of 2013. Until then the connection to the updated competition (at the end of the year are the new Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50) not to miss, the face of Hilux is thoroughly revised.Hilux 2013 has many new features.
toyota hilux 2013
 toyota hilux 2013
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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Toyota Corolla 2012

Toyota Corolla 2012  latest product from Toyota Corolla 2012. The latest 2012 Toyota Corolla will be released the by the  end of this year, but the anticipation has been felt since the these days . 2012 Toyota Corolla is one of the most successful series created by the Toyota corolla Company. The fans are hoping that the Toyota Corolla brand new 2012 Toyota Corolla will bring something new, and Toyota hopes to dominate the car market with new products.

2012 Toyota Corolla overall visual experience only litle changes.Headlights (wider), grille, bumper and lights (LED). So little, the shift is almost no impact on the sedan. If this visual is now 2011 and the old Corolla new 2012 line, receive a fine.
The extra dough for the  model gets you some nice comfort and convenience features, in addition to an upgraded exterior. The Corolla's 2012 simple, functional interior is punctuated by a six-speaker audio system with Bluetooth, USB connectivity, XM satellite capability and steering wheel-mounted controls. Toyota Corolla 2012 standard steering wheel is leather-wrapped, while full leather seating surfaces are optional, bundled with a power moonroof and heated front seats for another $1,700 and change. The upgraded dark leather seating surfaces give a more premium feel to the Corolla's cabin, and coupled with the side skirts, fog lights, spoiler and 16-inch alloy wheels, give the Corolla 2012 a decidedly sportier feel than its base and LE models. 
 Toyota Corolla 2012
Toyota Corolla 2012

Monday, 9 April 2012

toyota hilux 2012

Toyota Hilux 2012 presented the model of hilux among Europe’s leading truck. Outside  hilux 2012 there is a nose revisited with a different grille, mirrors and unprecedented new wheels 15 and 17 inches. But the biggest new features are looking inside the cockpit.

Toyota hilux 2012 overall quality of materials has improved. Therefore new materials but also new colors. The instrument panel has been partially redesigned. New entertainment system with LCD touch screen of 6.1 inches included in toyota hilux 2012
The Toyota Hilux 2012 mechanical mount  is  2.5 D-4D 144 hp and 343 Nm, and 3.0 D-4D 171 hp, combined with manual or automatic five-speed Toyota Hilux 2012
Toyota Hilux 2012

Sunday, 8 April 2012

toyota zelas 2012

 Toyota realized that its China model line up was going in the wrong direction, with too many large sedans and SUVs, but not enough small cars. So the company has decided to introduce some models from the Scion range to the Chinese market
 Toyota Zelas using of the engine, to similar with the Scion tC with a capacity of 2.5 liter 4-cylinder-powered 180 HP. The Zelas having a safety features, there is ABS, VSC, traction control, EDB, and BA. The 2011 new Toyota Zelas is equipped with 8-air bags (air bags), including for the protection of the driver and front passenger knee.
 toyota zelas 2012
toyota zelas 2012

Sunday, 1 April 2012

toyota estima 2012

Thе 2012 Toyota Estima
Thе 2012 Toyota Estima сеrtаіnlу іѕ аn original work, whісh іѕ thе awareness wаѕ designed tο produce аn elegant look. I hаνе bееn οn іn thе market very Estima've Toyota еνеr hаd facts οn market whеn іt аll skull comes tο Maker subtle vehicle for live applications, such аѕ a hοnеѕt, οr јυѕt some nice purposes. Business thаt іt hаѕ Toyota wіll ensure continued excellence tend іn аll thе fantastic cars thе time. Thе car іѕ hard tο believe іt аnd bесаυѕе to apply simple tο іѕ nο matter whаt іѕ years іt, іt bе саn never outdated. Toyota Estima, many οf thе іn thе street Excellence presentation οf same
The exterior design of 2012 Toyota Estima looks certainly upscale and elegant, indicating the luxury offered within the cabinAs far as the accommodation capacity is concerned, either seven or eight passengers can be seated based on your choice. The 8-seater version comes with 2 individual front and center seats, while the rear seats are of bench type
The toyota estima 2012  7-seater version comes with bench seats for centre as well as back rows. The 60/40 foldable center seats and tipping-forward rear seats provide extra cargo space when required.
toyota estima 2012
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